• Experience: Our team of senior experts has over 15 years of personal professional experience in ICT technologies and projects, for diverse industries. They have been designing, implementing and maintaining large core and access networks for Telecoms carrying multimedia traffic with QoS settings, WAN networks with overlaid redundant IP telephony platforms for banks, datacenters for financial institutions and public segment customers including computing, storage and network part, security for diverse types of customers. Therefore, we have the experience and know-how to provide best practice advices for endorsing an optimal solution for our customers. Our experts are certified by highest industry standards (CCIE, CCNP…).
    • Responsibility: Our customers come at first place, independently on place, time or situation. We thoroughly comprehend the importance of ICT infrastructure for conducting critical daily operations and we accordingly organize our preventive and reactive measures for service assurance. 
    • Flexibility: We offer remote services, as well as on-site, 8×5 or 24×7 – it all depends on customer requirements.