Cyber Security Solutions

Boson Solutions has specialized in Cyber Security solutions because we have identified that this integrated security portfolio and industry-leading threat intelligence provides the customers with the needed scale and capabilities to proactively and effectively fight a complex set of threats. Through the years our experts have implemented diverse Cyber Security solutions, going from Infrastructure security, End point and Mobile security, Email, Web, SIEM, up to application security. We are able to define the most appropriate solution for the customer, depending on the evaluated threats, network and business context, so that the customer can focus on business and innovations while keeping the assets safe. 

    • Infrastructure Security encompasses constant analysis and automatic prevention from threats, for zero-day protection of the whole infrastructure from the edge into the datacenter, built into next generation firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. 
    • End point and Mobile Security assures that the protection spans into connected devices, by leveraging for example personal firewall, port and device control, and anti-malware capabilities, combined with access control and data security. 
    • Application Security offers a holistic, system-based approach to data center security with Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Security Solutions. These solutions provide a common policy-based operational model across ACI-ready networks. ACI Security Solution scales on demand, has programmable automation, and provides transparent policy-based security for both physical and virtual environments.
    • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system fulfills the task of collecting and correlating the logs and other relevant information from deployed security devices, so that to facilitate the proper reporting and acting upon that information.  Finally, this system is of paramount importance for defining suitable compliance measures.