Data Center Solutions

Our engineers have practically implemented numerous Data Center solutions for different industries, such as Telecom, Banking, Public segment, Energy sector. We have designed and led projects resulting in a complete Data Center, including the fabric, switching, storage, power supply, backup and archiving functionalities. We have also performed data center consolidations and virtualizations with solutions from leading world vendors. Certainly, management solutions for provisioning, monitoring have also been part of such complex data center enabling the customer to effectively control data center operations, or to let our team do it in an outsourced model. Here are just few functional elements of our Data Center expertise listed: 

    • Cisco Intent Based Data Center Fabric  
      • Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure, the industry-leading SDN solution, facilitating application agility and data center automation. Cisco ACI provides a common policy for data center operations, security for assuring business continuity, as well as data center service assurance and insight.
    • Cisco Data Center Switching
      • MDS SAN fabric offering the customers affordability for low TCO, virtualization for flexibility, high-availability and ease-of-use management capabilities.
      • Nexus Unified Fabric switching with high-performance, density, low latency, and exceptional power efficiency in a range of form factors.
    • Data Center Consolidation and Virtualization will reduce operating expenses, when we define company strategy on how to optimize IT assets by using more efficient technologies, including virtualization, blade server systems, capacity planning and automation for provisioning, billing and maintenance.
    • Storage Solutions with cutting-edge Software Defined Storage disaggregate traditional storage systems creating an infinitely scalable pool of storage using cost effective industry standard servers.
    • Backup and Archiving service is based on multiple-vendor innovative solutions for protecting one of the most valuable company assets – the data.
    • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning and implementation, with the goal to reduce the risk of getting business interruption due to IT outages, as well as to continue operations at normal level as soon as possible. Often this is also a compliance, besides a business issue for a company. We have the knowledge and we know the solutions that enable a premium business continuity and disaster recovery service, as in the past we have worked for many financial institutions and telecom providers operating within strict regulatory and business frames.