Sample references

    • Stopanska Banka Skopje has chosen Boson Solutions to maintain their enterprise Data Center Switching infrastructure carrying business critical traffic. 
    • Datacenter networking equipment is in the core of company’s IT network infrastructure, that has to be carefully designed, implemented and maintained, with utmost professional expertise. Central Registry of RM has chosen us to deliver their Data center switching infrastructure and to take care about uninterrupted business continuity based on leading world vendor solutions.
    • IP telephony and collaboration tools are the subject of professional services that have been implemented by Boson Solutions in Central Registry of RM. Maintaining critical SLA parameters is the cornerstone of our professional engagement, providing the customer with a reliable voice and collaboration infrastructure for the whole company.
    • Enabling Software-Defined Access (SDA) by automating user access and highly secure end-to-end segmentation across a single network fabric is additional security “layer” towards total infrastructure protection. Boson Solutions have successfully implemented this solution in both wired and wireless environment in EVN Macedonia
    • Implementing highly secure business and context-based access based on company policies is mandatory in today banking industry. Halk Banka Skopje has chosen Boson Solutions to implement this future-proof Cisco ISE solution.