Enterprise Networking Solutions

We can particularly point out our ability to create additional, value-add services on top of networking layer, such as tailor-made Quality of Service implementations, Virtual Private Networks at different levels, security with policy enforcement and interfaces with other networks.

Cyber Security Solutions

Boson Solutions has specialized in Cyber Security solutions because we have identified that this integrated security portfolio and industry-leading threat intelligence provides the customers with the needed scale and capabilities to proactively and effectively fight a complex set of threats.

Data Center Solutions

Our engineers have practically implemented numerous Data Center solutions for different industries, such as Telecom, Banking, Public segment, Energy sector. We have designed and led projects resulting in a complete Data Center, including the fabric, switching, storage, power supply, backup and archiving functionalities.

Cisco Collaboration Solutions

Cisco business collaboration solutions deliver personalized experiences for the modern workforce. Today work teams are dispersed not over a campus network, but also over a country or even across different time zones.


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